Are you looking for the perfect pair of

true wireless earbuds to use alongside Google’s

permanently discounted Pixel 6a mid-ranger or the first-of-its-kind

Pixel Fold once your pre-order is fulfilled? How about the not-new Pixel Buds A-Series in a hot new hue?

Admit it, you totally forgot about that “Sky Blue” colorway

rumored a while back and

leaked in all its glory last week. With so much other exciting hardware and software stuff formally unveiled and fully detailed at the I/O conference yesterday, we obviously can’t blame you if you missed this comparatively low-profile launch, but the time has come to at least consider a purchase.

The light blue paint job is called “Sea” after all (for pretty clear reasons), and the Pixel Buds A-Series are currently up for grabs in the US in a total of four different shades with no waiting or pre-order process necessary. 

All four color options are naturally priced at the same $99, but while the official US Google Store and Best Buy are not offering any discounts whatsoever at the time of this writing, Amazon is somehow already listing the Sea flavor for 2 bucks under its MSRP.

That’s… certainly not a lot, and if you’re patient, you’ll probably be able to save at least a little more in the very near future considering that a bunch of recent deals knocked the older hues down to $79 and even less at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Then again, the bang for buck is pretty solid here even at $99 and even without state-of-the-art active noise cancellation in tow. That’s because

Google‘s Pixel Buds A-Series are arguably some of the

best budget wireless earbuds on the market today in terms of sound quality, battery life, voice calls, comfort, and seamless Android connectivity, and in this light blue shade, they also happen to be incredibly striking.

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Google’s not-new Pixel Buds A-Series are now available in a hot new shade of blue

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