We remind you of this often, but the newest device launch from Google is yet another example of why you should never pay full price for Google gadgets. The Pixel 7a has only been out for a single week and it is already on sale.

The first Pixel 7a deal comes as a $50 off discount from Amazon. That price cut drops it from $499 down to $449.

This deal can only be had on the Charcoal version with 128GB storage. The Sea and Snow models are not currently seeing the $50 off promo. Should they join the fun, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

To get this deal, you’ll hit that Amazon link below and then make sure to apply a $50 coupon that will show once you checkout. In the image below, you can see where the box is to apply the $50 discount. And again, you won’t see the price drop to $449 until you enter your cart.

If you are looking for our Pixel 7a review before making your purchase, it will be here within a day. I’m finishing it up now after testing the phone for a solid two weeks.

  • UPDATE: It looks like Amazon already pulled this deal. Did they kick it off too soon? Something is off here.

Amazon Deal Link

Best Pixel 7a Deal

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Google’s Pixel 7a is $50 Off in First Discount (Updated)

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