Google has traditionally hosted its annual “Made by Google” events in October-November. However, this year, Google caught everyone off guard by revealing that the upcoming event will take place in California in August.

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The highly anticipated event is set to unveil the Pixel 9 series, Pixel Watch 3 XL, and the latest Android 15 version. Despite initial expectations for the event to occur between October and November, Google’s recent official announcement has surprised many.

The “Made by Google” event is now scheduled for August 13th, prompting a shift in plans by Google. The reason behind this change remains unknown, but it is possible that Google’s new products are ready for an earlier release, leading to the rescheduling of the event.

At the upcoming Made by Google event, Google is set to unveil the Pixel 9 series, the Pixel Watch 3 XL, and the latest Android 15 version.

The Pixel 9 series will include four distinct models: Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL, and Pixel 9 Pro Fold. Alongside the introduction of the new Pixel 9 series, Google will also showcase the Pixel Watch 3 XL.

One of the key points of interest for this event is the launch of Android 15. Following the announcement of Android 15, stable updates for Android 15 will gradually become available for various devices.

Users can anticipate a more optimized experience with the new Android operating system.

It has been reported that Google is looking to include satellite connectivity in both the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, akin to Apple’s Emergency SOS feature. Furthermore, this feature is set to be included in the Pixel Fold 2 and a 5G-enabled Pixel Tablet.

According to a report by Android Authority, informant Kamila Wojciechowska stated that the Google Pixel 9’s Tensor G4 chipset will include a new Samsung Modem 5400, known for its faster and more power-efficient performance in comparison to the Samsung 5300 modem present in the Pixel 8’s Tensor G3 SoC.

The enhanced modem is anticipated to come with an upgraded software stack to ensure better stability. This advancement is set to make the Pixel 9 series the pioneer in supporting Android’s native satellite implementation in Android 15.

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