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  • Google showed off the Pixel Tablet and its case during Google I/O.
  • You can bend the case’s stand at any viewing angle.
  • The tablet can be docked while still in its case.

Tablet cases come in all shapes and sizes. And these days, they may even offer a few features and functions. While we’ve all seen our fair share of tablet cases over the years, the Pixel Tablet‘s case, in particular, is quite interesting.

During its Google I/O 2023 event, the Mountain View-based organization showed off its long-awaited Pixel Tablet. It’s not the first time we’ve seen the device — it was first officially revealed at last year’s event — but there was something new we hadn’t seen before. This was the first time we saw the Pixel Tablet in its official case.

At first look, it seems like a pretty average tablet case. As with plenty of other cases made for electronics, it is designed to help protect against scratches, cracks, and other types of damage. Upon a deeper second inspection, however, you’ll notice it has a polished metal ring attached to the back.

This ring is meant to act as a stand for the tablet. Now a stand is not particularly revolutionary, but there is something special about it. This stand is capable of stopping at any angle, allowing you to situate the tablet however you want.

Another interesting thing about the ring is its shape and size. You may have noticed, but the ring is the same shape as the charging base but slightly larger. According to Google, the “Pixel Tablet Case was designed with docking in mind.” This means you can keep the case on at all times. If you choose to set the tablet on the charging base, the metal ring will fit neatly around it.

While they may not be life-changing features in the grand scheme of things, it’s impressive how much thought Google put into the design of the case. Additionally, Google says you’ll also have the option of a folio-style case.

Google Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Tablet

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Google’s Pixel Tablet case is incredibly clever

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Google’s Pixel Tablet case is incredibly clever

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