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Google’s Pixel Watch Black Friday Deal Likely $50 Off

Google previewed its upcoming Black Friday 2022 deals earlier in the week, telling us to prepare for $150 off the newly launched Pixel 7 Pro. What they didn’t tell us was whether or not the Pixel Watch would also join the Black Friday party or if their first smartwatch would be exempt for now.

When doing a little Google Search this week, folks discovered that a sponsored listing from Google was spilling the beans on an upcoming promo. The Pixel Watch Black Friday deal is likely to be a $50-off discount on the WiFi model.

As you can see in the image below that we were still able to capture today, Google’s “Black Friday sneak peek” for the Pixel Watch says that “Great deals are coming soon” and that you can “Save $50 on the Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi)” from November 17 to November 28.

At $50 off, that should mean a Pixel Watch on your wrist for $299.99 at places like the Google Store. Since the rest of the world will be running similar deals, I can’t imagine that Best Buy and other retailers won’t match that price. Assuming Google’s Search ad is correct, holding off on buying a Pixel Watch until next week is a smart play.

Is $299 a solid price for the Pixel Watch? I’d like to think so. $350 was a bit steep for some, especially when you compare to Samsung’s pricing for the Galaxy Watch 5 and the fact that this is Google’s first smartwatch that isn’t perfect by any means. But I do think the Pixel Watch is quite good. Since reviewing it (here), I haven’t taken the Pixel Watch off the wrist and plan to wear it for the foreseeable future. It does a lot of things right, you just have to be ready to charge it daily.

We don’t yet know if there will be a similar deal on the LTE model or not.

Cheers Chris!


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