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  • Samsung Display is working on a bezel-free concept device, the company has confirmed.
  • The device will apparently offer an under-display selfie camera too.

We recently heard that Apple had asked LG Display and Samsung Display to develop a bezel-free screen. Now, Samsung Display has reportedly confirmed its intention to develop a bezel-free concept phone.

Samsung Display managing director Jung Yong-wook announced a plan to develop a bezel-free concept device at the Display Business Forum 2023 event, The Elec reported.

“Samsung Display is preparing an under-panel camera and a zero-bezel concept product that completely removes the border itself,” the executive reportedly explained.

The Samsung representative suggested that “3D lamination,” “edge control brightness,” and improved under-display selfie cameras would be key technologies to enable a bezel-free screen.

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A bezel-free display would make for a rather striking design in the smartphone space, akin to frameless TVs by removing the black borders around the screen as well as the punch-hole cutout. We do wonder about durability concerns with bezel-free phones, though, especially when dropping them. It’s also worth noting that under-display selfie cameras still aren’t on par with even budget-tier selfie cameras. You’d, therefore, need to accept inferior selfie images and videos with a phone like this.

In any event, this doesn’t necessarily mean Samsung itself will produce a commercially available Galaxy phone with a bezel-free design. But between Samsung Display’s claim and rumors that Apple asked its suppliers to make a bezel-free screen, it seems like this tech could be available in the coming years.

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