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Have you scratched your Pixel Watch yet? [Poll] | Sounds Nerdy
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Have you scratched your Pixel Watch yet? [Poll]

From 9to5google.com

pixel watch scratch

The Google Pixel Watch is, as we said in our review last year, truly a gorgeous piece of hardware. But it’s also a piece of hardware that seems incredibly easy to damage. After a few months of use, have you managed to scratch your Pixel Watch yet?

It’s been roughly six months since the Google Pixel Watch debuted, and just recently, I was thinking about how well the hardware had held up over that time. Despite the outdated chip, it was running smoothly. And with the small battery and wireless charging, I was still getting the same endurance since day one. And, lo and behold, I’d somehow managed all this time without any major damage! There were a few hairline scratches and a tiny scuff on the edge, but overall, I was quite happy.

Well, that’s changed.

Last week I wore the Pixel Watch on a vacation to Disney World and came back with a handful of big, nasty scratches on the display.

How? It really came down to my own lack of attention. While running through the Lightning Lane for Smuggler’s Run at Galaxy’s Edge, I was trying to snap a picture, and as I walked, I didn’t see a pillar on the wall and ended up running into it – Pixel Watch first. I could feel the horrible sensation of the watch grinding against the concrete, and the scratches were immediately obvious.

This was obviously my fault, and it was a lesson learned, but it did have me thinking about the durability of smartwatches. The Pixel Watch’s glass cover is made up of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. That was developed back in 2014, and while it’s still a fine option for modern products, there have been advancements since.

For instance, Corning also makes Gorilla Glass DX, which launched in 2018; it’s specifically designed for smartwatches and has improved scratch resistance. There’s also sapphire glass, which Samsung uses on the Galaxy Watch 5. That material is virtually impervious to scratches, and Samsung clearly knows how to obtain it affordably, given it’s offered on a smartwatch that runs at about $250.

Sapphire would likely boost the cost of the Pixel Watch greatly, of course, but I lean to believe it’d be worth it! Google’s design is so striking and timeless – it’s really a shame that it’s so vulnerable to damage.

But what about you? Have you scratched your Pixel Watch yet or, worse yet, broken it? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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Have you scratched your Pixel Watch yet? [Poll]

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Have you scratched your Pixel Watch yet? [Poll]

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