Recently, we showed off some high-res images of Samsung’s highly disappointing Galaxy Buds 3 series. Well, Mr. Evan Blass wasn’t done giving us our early Christmas gifts. We have more leaked images of the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro.

Earlier today we got some images of Samsung’s next flagship wearable audio gear, and we can’t deny that they look similar to AirPods. This is especially true for the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. These get rid of the silicone tips and take on an aesthetic closer to what we see with AirPods.

Along with that, Samsung also opted for a stemmed design. So, rather than using the radical and exotic shapes we’ve seen, Samsung has defaulted to a more standard look. The stemmed look brings some additional functionality. Reports point to a squeeze gesture for the Galaxy Buds 3. This might be the reason for the black line running the length of the stem.

Above are the previous images we got. They show what we expect to be the Galaxy Buds 3 in silver and the Pro in white. They also show us the case in silver.

We have more images of the Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro

So, with this batch of images, we have the opposite; we see the regular Buds 3 in white with the Pro in silver. Just like with the other leak, we see that both models sport a stemmed design along with a line down the middle. Also, they both have colored stripes on the bottom. We’re not sure if those stripes are painted on or if they’re lights.

Along with the buds, we also see the case. This time, it’s white to match the Galaxy Buds 3. We see that the top of the case is transparent. There are colored lights on each side of the case, and they match the colored stripes on the bottom of the buds.

We’re still waiting for more information about these earbuds. Rumors point to them having up to 24 hours of battery life and IP54 water and dust resistance. We don’t know how much these are going to cost, but we expect to find out during Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event.

Oh Samsung, how far you’ve fallen…

If you recall, it appears that Samsung has given up originality in order to be more like Apple. It’s a sad thing to see, especially if you’ve been around when Samsung’s and Apple’s devices couldn’t be more different. Think back to the Galaxy S6 Edge vs. the iPhone 6s. It was like looking at two different beasts.

However, there’s no denying it; Samsung has gone rogue. The Galaxy S24 phones adopted the iPhone-esque flat edges, the Galaxy Tab series looks similar to the iPad series, the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro is going for a square aesthetic, and it looks like the Galaxy S25 might also lose its identity and opt for a rounder aesthetic like an iPhone.

We also can’t forget about software attributes that Samsung lifted from Apple like widget stacks and the lock screen customizations. This is a trend that we’ve seen from other Android OEMs, but Samsung was the beacon atop Android tower, constantly being the solar opposite of Apple. Its devices have defined Android and showed the world that the iPhone isn’t the definitive smartphone.

But, with all of the things that it’s taking from Apple, and the fact that it’s taken the tactic of sitting on the same design for multiple generations, it’s clear that Samsung has jumped ship. Since Samsung wants to be the new Apple, what company is going to be the new Samsung?

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