Here’s a full look at the Google Weather redesign on Pixel Fold

We’ve been tracking the new Google Weather for the past two weeks, and our best look at the redesign is on a Pixel Fold.

The foldable layout shows a 10-day forecast with high/low temperature, precipitation chance, and current location on the left. On tablets, without a crease, this information is displayed much narrower and does not take up the entire left half of the screen.

Current conditions appear at the right. We’ve already seen the top of the revamp and an hourly forecast carousel, but there’s now a close look at the “Details” section that makes use of cards to show max wind, average humidity, max UV index, and sunrise & sunset times. There might be more cards as you scroll down.

Google Weather Pixel redesign

The current Weather offering and Pixel-exclusive homescreen widgets are part of the Google Search app, but it’s not clear if this new experience will be its own application. A standalone client would allow for easier updates and would follow Wear OS. This would presumably be available for all devices, or at least that’s the case for the watch.

Toward the end of the “Bigger Screens and Apps Like You’ve Never Seen” video from Made by Google, we see a small glimpse of the tablet UI again. This Google Weather redesign has not yet rolled out and was not even live on any of the Pixel demo devices at I/O 2023.

Meanwhile, we have a glimpse of Gmail with a navigation nail with compose fab at the top (bottom row, third from left). Otherwise, there’s a heavy emphasis on other Workspace apps like Drive, Slides, and Meet, though we don’t see the adaptive Calendar revamp.

Google Weather Pixel redesign

At the start of the clip, Google showed Spotify’s now playing screen on a Pixel Tablet. Compared to YouTube Music with its dual-column layout for queue, lyrics, or related, that third-party UI is not too optimized.

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Here’s a full look at the Google Weather redesign on Pixel Fold

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Here’s a full look at the Google Weather redesign on Pixel Fold

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