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2024 is quite a different year for Samsung. The S24 series didn’t do anything substantially different, perhaps beyond dropping the curved screen on the Ultra model. However, the rest of the year’s lineups won’t be able to say the same thing.

There’s a new Ultra model coming to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup and Samsung is also introducing an entirely new wearable in the form of the Galaxy Ring. Quite naturally, we want to know more and more about these novel devices, and thankfully, we’ve got a few more leaks to satisfy that hunger for you.

This Is What The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Looks Like Directly From The Front

Here's A New Look At Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra + Galaxy Ring Case 5
Image: OnLeaks/Smartprix

We’ve had the privilege of seeing renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, so its new squircle design isn’t going to be much of a surprise to use when the device eventually comes out. In fact, I’m a big fan of the manufacturer trying something different.

However, now, we get to see what seem to be very official images of the new smartwatch directly from the front, thanks to Ice Universe on Weibo. We get what I assume is the Titanium Gray colorway and another silver one. I find the new device to be quite a looker, and it is evident from these new images that the body is squarer than I initially thought. The screen is still perfectly circular though.

Here's A New Look At Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra + Galaxy Ring Case 6
Image: IceUniverse on Weibo
Here's A New Look At Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra + Galaxy Ring Case 7
Image: IceUniverse on Weibo

It looks like the watch is going to maintain a rotating bezel for navigation and it will still have the two buttons that we’re used to on the side. However, there’s also going to be a third button in between those two, done up in an orange finish, which catches the eye. I assume this may serve as a crown in addition to a button, and if that’s the case, it’d be new for Samsung smartwatches.

The Galaxy Ring Will Have A Buds-Like Charging Case And Not A Modified Puck

Sticking to wearables, the Samsung Galaxy Ring has been leaking in trickles, but a new leak shows us the charging case that it is expected to come with. I would have expected a puck with a little nub in the center to hold the ring, but no. Instead, we’re going to be getting a full-blown charging case, similar to what you get with the Galaxy Buds, and we know this thanks to Ice Universe, once again.

Here's A New Look At Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra + Galaxy Ring Case 8
Image: IceUniverse on Weibo

It seems like a lot, but it does happen to serve as a carrying case for the Ring when you need to take it with you on the go. The render shows a charging light on the ring itself, but there’s also a ring light on the top half of the case.

I suppose Samsung chose not to go with a puck like with its smartwatches because it’s small enough to fit into a convenient charging case. The same can’t be said for smartwatches though, unless you remove the band every single time that you want to charge it. It can be assumed that the case will have support for wireless charging.

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