The Google Pixel Tablet comes with its own stand that both charges it and turns the big screen into a new school home hub. You don’t need to buy a separate stand for it, unless you might want to lift it off a counter or shelf a bit or change the viewing angle. If that sounds like the proper play, there is already a stand for the Pixel Tablet stand available for you.

The folks at Wasserstein created a somewhat-adjustable stand for the Pixel Tablet that currently costs $25, thanks to a discount. The stand is pretty goofy, but as I mentioned above, is an option for those who might not want to set their cloth-based stand on a counter that could get dirty in a hurry. Or maybe they don’t like the angle that the Pixel Tablet’s stand present and want to be able to adjust it.

Seriously, that’s all this thing does. It’s a stand that you set your Pixel Tablet stand in. It’s made of “high-quality materials,” which must mean fancy plastic. It can tilt. It’s “compact & portable,” because Wasserstein thinks you might travel with it? Wait what. At least it’s a proper “Made for Google” certified product.

And no, this stand won’t make the Pixel Tablet stand magically turn into a Cast target on its own or have any functionality without the tablet on it.

If you need this for the Pixel Tablet you don’t yet own, there’s a link below.

Pixel Tablet Stand Link

Pixel Tablet Stand - Stand

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Here’s a Stand for Your Google Pixel Tablet Stand

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