Following the announcement last month, podcasts are beginning to appear in YouTube Music. Some users today are encountering them on Android and the web.

In Now Playing, next/last has been replaced by 30-second forward and 10-second rewind, which matches Google Podcasts. You also get Playback Speed options from .25x to 2.0 in quarter increments, like on YouTube videos, as well as a sleep timer.

Thumbs up/down flanks the episode and podcast name, with square cover art appearing underneath an Audio/Video switcher. “Details” replaces the “Lyrics” tab with a full description appearing here. The Up Next queue included an “Episodes for later” shortcut.

The episode page, with a URL, features the same description and a bookmark button that connects to the “Episode for Later” auto playlist. That’s found in Library, along with “New Episodes.” They appear alongside other albums and playlists, while you get a “Podcasts” filter up top.

Credit: u/Osiris_X3R0

Meanwhile, the podcast page lets you add a show to your library and displays a list of episodes with two lines of the description, publish date, and duration. YouTube Music will note when you’ve “Played” something, while a short red bar is used to note progress.

This page uses a URL and leverages the recently revamped playlist/album page with blurring behind cover art and centered buttons.

In search, you’ll find new filters and sections (showing top three results) for “Episodes” and “Podcasts.”

On the Home feed, there’s a high-level “Podcasts” tab/filter that features carousels for: Your shows (cover art), Keep listening (list), Recommended episodes, Your new episodes, and Podcasts episodes for later. This is followed by several categories: Comedy, History, Sports, Science & Technology, etc. A Podcasts section also appears in Explore.

You can try these episode and podcast links, but the former just redirects you to the YouTube Music homepage. Podcasts are only appearing for a few people today and this is not yet a wide rollout.

Credit: u/PmMeYourChromebook