The new foldable phones, Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, along with the latest Galaxy Watch 7 series and the first-ever Galaxy Ring, and yeah, the new Galaxy Buds – Samsung Unpacked 2024 is quite rich in hardware this time around. Yet, it is not all about the latest devices. You guessed it right, AI is once again a major topic.

Galaxy AI, Samsung’s suite of AI tools, is back with several new features and capabilities. Samsung has optimized Galaxy AI to work more efficiently not only with foldable phones but also with its new wearable, the Galaxy Ring. You know, new devices bring new opportunities for features. So, let’s dive into what is new with Galaxy AI.

New Galaxy AI features and capabilities

Galaxy AI is expanding beyond smartphones and Samsung integrates it into its wearables, the Galaxy Watch 7 series, and the Galaxy Ring.

Galaxy AI now processes information gathered by Samsung’s wearables to provide relevant data about your sleep patterns, exercises, and more. Using AI algorithms, Galaxy AI provides stats about your wellness through the Samsung Health app. 

But it’s not just about health. Galaxy AI is now optimized for foldable devices. For instance, the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 makes using the Interpreter feature a breeze. With its dual-screen design, Interpreter now includes a conversation mode, allowing both participants to view translations on the main and cover screens for smoother, more natural interactions.

Moreover, Circle to Search is stepping up its game. With a simple press, you can now translate everything on your screen and search for information about it. It also enhances learning by not just providing answers, but explaining why those answers are correct.

The Gemini app is also deeply integrated into the new foldable phones, giving you instant access to information and your own virtual AI assistant whenever you need it. 

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Galaxy AI is also getting new features, such as: 

  • New Transcript Feature: Transcribe, translate, and summarize voice recordings directly in Notes.
  • Sketch to Image: Galaxy AI on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 takes the S Pen experience to new heights. It generates image suggestions when you sketch or draw directly on photos in the Gallery or Note screen.
  • Portrait Studio: Spice up your portraits with this new Galaxy AI editing feature. Just pick a photo from your gallery, tap the pencil icon, and try out styles like comic, 3D character, watercolor, and sketch.
  • Instant Slow-mo: By simply long-pressing on a timestamp in a video you can smoothly transition to slow-motion and enjoy key scenes frame by frame.

The Live Translate feature is getting an update, too, to support more languages and work with third-party apps, making it even more convenient. And if you’re concerned about privacy, you’ll be glad to know that both the Live Translate and Interpreter features work on-device, so your data stays on your phone. 

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