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  • Samsung has finally shared the rollout timeline for One UI 6 for its supported devices.
  • This timeline is shared for the EU region, and we can feasibly expect the update to roll out in other regions a week or two after this date.
  • Most of Samsung’s smartphones are expected to receive the update in the EU in November itself.

One UI 6 is the hottest update right now. The update doesn’t change a whole lot, but it is still a breath of fresh air for Samsung smartphones as it makes meaningful changes to quite a few features. Samsung has finally released a timeline for compatible devices, and now we know when our favorite phones will get the new Android 14-based update.

The official community manager at Samsung Community forums has shared the release timeline for One UI 6 (via  Sammobile). This timeline is for the European market, but it gives a fair breakdown of how Samsung will roll out the update across its lineup.

  • Week 43:
    • October 30, 2023: Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, Galaxy S23 Ultra [Released]
  • Week 45:
    • November 13, 2023:
      • Galaxy A34
      • Galaxy A54
      • Galaxy Z Flip 5
      • Galaxy Z Fold 5
    • November 15, 2023:Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, Galaxy S22 Ultra
    • November 20, 2023: Galaxy S23 FE
    • Date undecided: Galaxy A14 5G
  • Week 46:
    • November 20, 2023:
      • Galaxy A13 5G
      • Galaxy A33 5G
      • Galaxy A53 5G
      • Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra
      • Galaxy Z Flip 4
      • Galaxy Z Fold 4
    • November 24, 2023: Galaxy S21 FE
  • Week 47:
    • November 27, 2023:
      • Galaxy A13
      • Galaxy A23 5G
      • Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52s 5G
      • Galaxy Z Flip 3
      • Galaxy Z Fold 3
    • November 30, 2023: Galaxy A72
    • Date undecided:
      • Galaxy A14
      • Galaxy A52 5G
      • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • December 2023:
    • December 1, 2023: Galaxy A25 5G
    • December 4, 2023: Galaxy A04s
    • December 8, 2023: Galaxy XCover 5
    • Date undecided: Galaxy A05s

The list above does not include Galaxy M and Galaxy F series as they are exclusive to India, and the list is for rollout in the European region. It also largely skips over most of Samsung’s tablets, even though they are recent enough to receive the update.

Note that the announcement is not publicly accessible through Samsung’s newsroom, so take it with a pinch of salt. It also does not reflect a complete rollout but is indicative of the start date of the rollout in the European Union. Nonetheless, this is a credible lead on Samsung’s rollout timeline. You can expect the update to roll out in the US a week or two after a successful and bug-free EU rollout for that device.

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