Beta 2 for Android 14 launched this week for Pixel phones and a handful of devices from other OEMs. This should be a relatively stable build of the upcoming Android OS, so we’d love to get a bit of feedback from anyone who has it fired up already.

Glancing around the web, especially over on reddit, we’re seeing a lot of mixed reactions so far. While some claim Beta 2 is significantly more stable, others aren’t having as good of luck. Users are claiming fixes for cell reception and improved battery life, while other people say reception is still very poor and their devices continue to randomly lock up.

There can be an incredible amount of factors that play into these experiences, so what’s happening for one person, may not be for others. The end goal is for everyone to have a relatively positive experience, so it appears Google may still have a bit of work to do.

But enough about randoms on reddit. We want to know about you, our readers. How’s Android 14 Beta 2 treating you?

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How’s Android 14 Beta 2 Treating You?

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