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Leak suggests the Pixel 7a may have high-end features never seen on the A-series

Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • A new leak has potentially provided some surprising details about the Pixel 7a.
  • The leak suggests the 7a could have a 90Hz refresh rate and wireless charging.
  • The leak also suggests the phone is getting a new camera setup.

As Google’s mid-range phone, the A-series makes a lot of sacrifices in order to be a more affordable option. Whether that’s through downgrading the screen, using cheaper build materials, and more. But a new leak suggests that the Pixel 7a could end up being a little more premium than anyone expected.

The codename Lynx (L10) has been floating around ever since developer Kuba Wojciechowski reportedly dug into the source code of the Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1. It was believed that this mystery device could be a Pixel Ultra or a Pixel Mini. However, a new leak from Wojciechowski suggests this device is actually the Pixel 7a.

On Twitter, the developer claims they investigated the device’s camera drivers and found “references to ‘Pixel 22 Mid-range’ compared to ‘Pixel 22 Premium’ on Pixel 7/Pro.” This seems to suggest that we’re dealing with the Pixel 7a.

Along with that information, Wojciechowski says that sources have told them that the Pixel 7a could feature a 90Hz 1080p display. This refresh rate would be the highest refresh rate that’s been on an A-series device. Something else that may be a first is 5W wireless charging.

Additionally, it appears that the Pixel 7a could see a change in its camera setup. There were rumors that the Lynx could feature a GN1, IMX787, and IMX712 lens. However, Wojciechowski says the GN1 has been removed and the camera sensors are now “referred to as ‘l10_wide’ (IMX787) and ‘l10_UW’ (IMX712) with no dedicated tele lens.”

If these rumors are true, the Pixel 7a could be a big step up from its predecessor.


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