Last updated: May 24th, 2023 at 12:04 UTC+02:00

More reports are piling up in favor of Samsung supposedly hosting its next Unpacked event in South Korea rather than the USA or Europe. And more details about the nature of the event and where it might take place have surfaced.

Reports earlier this month said Samsung will host the next Unpacked earlier than usual. Although the company has historically carried out H2 Unpacked events in August, this year, Samsung has reportedly set its eyes on July 26 as the day it’ll show its next-gen foldable phones to the world.

Now, Korean publication SBS says it has learned the location of the next Unpacked. According to this information, Samsung will host Unpacked 2023 at COEX in Gangnam-Gu, Seoul. And once again, the July 26 date is being mentioned.

Earlier this year, Samsung showcased its Galaxy S23 series at COEX, but that was after the phones debuted on the big stage in San Francisco, USA. Nevertheless, that COEX showcase may have been a test run for the changes that are about to come.

The first Unpacked event in South Korea brings new foldables and wearables

If all these reports turn out correct, not only will the next launch event be hosted earlier (in July rather than August), but it will also be Samsung’s first Unpacked to take place in South Korea.

This could be a sign of things to come, as Samsung might have more devices to reveal than usual. Sure, we expect the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 to take the stage at Unpacked, and the two new foldable phones should also be joined by two Galaxy Watch 6 smartwatches.

But on top of these products, Samsung could also unveil one of its most exciting devices in years, i.e., its first mixed-reality headset. The company teased the project at the beginning of the year without revealing the product itself or a precise launch date. But the XR project was teased again by Google at I/O, saying that more details will be revealed later in 2023. Not much has been confirmed yet, but Samsung could unveil its mixed-reality headset at Unpacked, making this event hosted in South Korea one of the most exciting yet.

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More date and location details for the next Samsung Unpacked surface

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