Motorola confirms new Razr (2024) foldables are launching in the US next week

With rumors flying around the 2024 generation, Motorola has just confirmed that it will launch new Razr foldables in the US later this month.

In a teaser posted to social media today, Motorola has confirmed a June 25 event that will see the launch of new Razr foldables in the United States. The teaser hints at blue and orange colorways primarily, but it’s hard to see if there’s anything new with the hardware.

Last year, Motorola launched the Razr+ in June while announcing that the cheaper Razr (2023) would arrive later in the year. That launch finally took place in October.

2023’s Razr foldables were priced at $999 and $699, respectively, though both have seen numerous deep discounts since their launch. Leaks have suggested 2024 Razr foldables won’t see a price increase from Motorola.

What do we know about the latest Razr series?

Leaks thus far have revealed a few key updates. The Razr+ will get some new colors and an updated chipset, apparently, while the cheaper Razr (2024) would swap its tiny outer cover display for a much larger one. This isn’t as big of an update as we saw last year, but it should bring better devices on the whole.

Hopefully, they’ll also come with better updates too.

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