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  • Netflix is adding a new feature called Manage Access and Devices.
  • It will allow you to see devices connected to your account, what profile watched something, and where they watched from.
  • The feature also allows you to log out specific devices.

Are there people who use your Netflix account that you wish you could kick off? A new feature coming to Netflix will give account owners the ability to do exactly that.

Announced on the company’s blog, Netflix has revealed that it is giving account owners more control over their accounts through a new feature called Manage Access and Devices. Launching today, Netflix says the feature will allow you to view recent devices that have used your account and log off any devices connected to your account.

Netflix Settings

Based on the image provided, you’ll also be able to see which profile watched something, the time and date when watched, and where the person streamed from.

Such a feature would be useful for removing devices you logged on to during a trip or while visiting a friend. But more importantly, it enables you to remove moochers and other people you don’t want using your account.

Although there already was a way to remove unwanted freeloaders from your account, it required you to force all devices to sign in again. With this new feature, you can sign out of a specific device so the unapproved user can only get back on if they know your password.

Netflix has said that it plans to crack down on account sharing, but it hasn’t revealed how it plans to do that. At the moment, it is just testing out ideas. This Manage Access and Devices feature isn’t its solution to thwart account sharing, but it could be seen as one of the many steps leading to that future.

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