Samsung may be exploring ways to improve its foldable smartphones. A newly spotted patent application from the Korean company shows a unique out-folding Flip phone with only one screen. This approach could help reduce the manufacturing cost, thus making future foldables cheaper.

Samsung patent shows a unique out-folding Flip phone for the future

Samsung has been religiously making foldable smartphones since 2019. It will soon unveil its sixth-gen models, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. According to rumors, the new foldables will be costlier than the 2023 models. This is despite the Korean conglomerate keeping most of the hardware specs unchanged. The Flip model may get a camera upgrade while the Fold may switch to a titanium frame. There aren’t many other major upgrades to talk about.

This suggests Samsung cannot make its foldables cheaper than they already are. In fact, as material costs rise, the devices will see a price increase. The rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim, aka Samsung W25, may come cheaper but it reportedly lacks S Pen support and may miss out on a titanium frame. The company would be exploring ways to reduce the prices without compromising on specs and quality, and this patent may be an example of what it could do.

Discovered by tech leaker David Kowalski (@xleaks7 on X), the patent describes a clamshell foldable with an out-folding mechanism. It features a single tall screen that breaks into two rectangular screens on either side when the device is folded. This design eliminates the need for a cover display on the outside of the phone. TheNerdStash created some images of the device using sketches from the patent documents. You can see the images below.

Samsung Galaxy Flip foldable phone design patent 1

This could be a glimpse at the future of foldables

The design shown in this patent doesn’t look smooth or ready for commercial production. Of course, it’s just a patent and doesn’t necessarily show a product that’s being actively developed. However, it could be a glimpse at the future of Samsung Flip phones. Since it doesn’t require two separate displays, Samsung may see this design as the right approach for making foldables cheaper while still giving users everything they want from these devices.

That said, folding screens are made of plastic and can be easily scratched even with your fingernails. An out-folding mechanism continuously exposes the display to the outside world, even when in your pocket or handbag, increasing scratch risks. Companies first need to make flexible displays more durable before this type of foldable design can be mainstream. For the time being, a dual-screen approach might be the best solution. Stay tuned for the official launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6.

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