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This week, a wild new rumor suggested the possibility of Samsung skipping the Galaxy S25+ in favor of launching only a standard and an Ultra model. However, multiple sources, including our friends over at GalaxyClub, have confirmed to SamMobile that the Galaxy S25+ is still in development.

The rumor came from Android Headlines, who assumed the lack of the Galaxy S25 Plus model in their IMEI database hints at the possibility of it being scrapped. But not having enough early signs of a particular upcoming Galaxy smartphone model does not mean that model does not exist.

Samsung still working on base, Plus, and Ultra Galaxy S25 models

Samsung has been developing the Galaxy S25 for some time. It refers to the base, Plus, and Ultra models by the codenames F1, F2, and F3. The model numbers accompanying them are SM-S931, SM-S936, and SM-S938, as expected.

Not a lot of information is available about the Galaxy S25 series right now. We have seen some interesting rumors, but it’s too early in the Galaxy S25’s development lifecyle for us to take them too seriously.

That goes both ways, by the way: it’s also too early for us to write off those rumors at this time, including the one that suggests there may not be a Galaxy S25+. In short, take everything with the proverbial pinch of salt, at least until after the launch of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones.

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