Nothing Phone 2, proclaimed to be “premium” countless times, is now officially penned in to arrive this summer in the US.

In a tweet posted early this morning, the first word states, “Premium.” In January, Nothing’s Carl Pei had an interview and if there was a single word you took from it, it would have been “premium.” It was also confirmed in February that Phone 2 would feature a proper, premium chipset.

Nothing is setting expectations very high, and in today’s world where smartphone buyers are increasingly picky and hard to please, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a bit nervous. While hardware and chipsets can be premium, sure, more importantly to me would be a premium camera experience. Let’s hope they nail that part, too.

And since we’re discussing Nothing, can we tone down the hypebeast nonsense with this release? No launches via StockX and no stupid NFTs. Would it hurt to do things in a semi-traditional fashion so as to make it appear you have a grip on reality? Thanks.

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Nothing Phone 2 Arrives This Summer. It’s Premium.

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