OnePlus 12 can play ‘all’ Android games at 120fps

OnePlus has long focused on making its phones feel smooth and stay fast, and the OnePlus 12 introduces a new feature that can make any game run at 120fps.

With its new “Trinity Engine” in OxygenOS 14, OnePlus is using “HyperRendering” to push Android games to, and technically beyond their limits. On the OnePlus 12, a dedicated “Independent Visual Processor” from Pixelworks enables the device to upscale any game to support 120fps gameplay.

Most Android games still run at 60fps, but some do support 120fps and beyond, depending on what your display is capable of. The OnePlus 12 ships with a 120Hz display, so 120fps is all it’s capable of showing. But more games should feel smoother on the OnePlus 12 thanks to “HyperRendering.”

OnePlus claims that all games will run at 120fps using “frame interpolation.” This is similar, but not quite the same as motion smoothing on TVs. How the effect actually turns out remains to be seen, though.

OnePlus explains:

For avid gamers seeking hyper-realistic and ultra-immersive mobile gaming experiences, the OnePlus 12 offers the perfect solution in the form of HyperRendering. Built upon OnePlus’ in-house graphics algorithms and a dedicated Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor, this groundbreaking visual quality enhancement technology empowers the OnePlus 12 to deliver super-resolution picture quality with remarkable efficiency. In fact, the device achieves a 120Hz frame rate for all games through frame interpolation technology while ensuring real-time HDR color calibration.

The OnePlus 12 is available for pre-order starting today for $799.

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