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The 10 Pro gets AT&T 5G five months after launch



The OnePlus 10 Pro in-hand.

Behold, all of the 5G.

Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

The OnePlus 10 Pro gets its third piece of the 5G triforce today. Company spokesperson Hayley Lavin says that the device “is now officially certified on AT&T’s 5G network,” so it’s now compatible with the next-generation wireless networks of all three major US carriers.

That’s kind of an important feature on a phone that’s meant to compete with the Galaxy and Pixel flagships of the world, which offer full network compatibility right out of the gate. Now, the 10 Pro and the more recent 10T work with all of the 5Gs, and that’s a real step in the right direction.

This whole 5G certification wasn’t a problem until a couple of years ago because, you know, there wasn’t a 5G network to connect to. Things started to change once Samsung and Apple flagships brought 5G support on board, and likewise, the networks evolved from more than just rebadged LTE service. When OnePlus launched the 9 and 9 Pro in 2021, they arrived on the market with only T-Mobile and Verizon 5G certification. The 10 Pro followed suit when it launched earlier this year, too.

This isn’t to say that using AT&T 5G is a life-changing experience right now, but it’s improving, and it’s likely something you’ll want to have a few years down the line as the network gets better. That’s what made the omission strange on the 9 and 10 Pro, and OnePlus appears to be making it a priority to complete the 5G picture on its US devices. The OnePlus 10T gained AT&T 5G certification earlier this month, and now the flagship model joins it. That’s good news for the 10 Pro — if OnePlus wants to compete against the dominant Android phone brand in the US, it needs to cover all of its bases.


Adi Robertson21 minutes ago

I don’t think this AI-generated game actually counts as AI-generated.

This Girl Does Not Exist promises “everything you will see in this game” is created by an AI. Except… based on everything I’ve read, that includes none of the game mechanics or interface design! It’s an interesting experiment in artificially generated images and audio, but AI-generated gameplay is a uniquely weird and difficult problem. That said, I’m fascinated by the growing move toward an aesthetics of AI — and this project sits square in that zone.


David Pierce54 minutes ago

This is an awesome guide to iOS 16 lock screen widgets.

I continue to think they’re the best thing about the new iOS, and the MacStories folks rounded up a huge number of widgets you can try now. They range from pointless and delightful to totally instantly essential — Link Hub, which just opens any link you want, is particularly great.


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The Vergecast is doing a special miniseries for the next three Mondays on the future of music. This week I spoke with music reporter and podcaster Charlie Harding about how the future of music could sound very familiar.


Adi RobertsonTwo hours ago

Rick and Morty and the high-wire act of writing antiheroes.

Countless people have discussed the travails of Rick and Morty fandom. But Corbin Smith goes beyond the simple claims that obnoxious fans are just watching the show wrong, delving into the inherent difficulty of writing a character with terrible qualities who’s still undeniably cool to watch. A bonus: he lays out the precise take on Rorschach from Watchmen that I’ve always wanted to read.

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