OnePlus Pad is now available for order to US buyers. Priced at $479, the experience we got from this tablet is quite solid, with the battery and hardware size sticking out to us as major positives.

For the $479 price, you get 8GB RAM with 128GB storage, with OnePlus Pad currently only being offered in Halo Green. If you want to save a few clams when ordering, OnePlus does have a trade-in program available. The amount you receive will obviously depend on the trade-in, but for right now, OnePlus is also offering an extra $50 credit when you trade in a device. Orders are also receiving a free Folio case. Not bad at all.

For more information on the OnePlus’ first big screen Android tablet, be sure to read our full review. Kellen had plenty of insight to share during his time of testing.

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OnePlus Pad Now Up for Order, Priced at $479

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