A main case against buying the upcoming Pixel Fold is the fact that it’s a “first generation” product from Google, which for some reason means to certain individuals that it will have a myriad of issues. Frankly, for as many examples as someone can provide where a first-gen Google product had major issues, I can provide just as many, if not more, examples of a Google-made first-gen product doing fine. The point is, immediately writing off a device, especially Google’s first foldable device due to what I’d claim to be unfounded reasoning, is ridiculous. Say it’s too expensive and move on, that would be completely justifiable.

Let’s also not act as if Google has no experience making and supporting a foldable device. Yes, the Pixel Fold is Google’s first true foldable phone that they are producing, but there are now many, many foldables on the market that run Android and you can’t honestly think that Google is not utilizing lessons learned from other brands such as Samsung, OPPO, and Motorola/Lenovo.

Google Pixel Fold

As for examples, the Pixel Fold is launching with an IP rating, something the first Galaxy Z Fold didn’t have, the rear camera system is detailed to be absolutely amazing, which Samsung still can’t claim even for its latest Galaxy Z Fold 4, and the Pixel Fold also isn’t starting at $2000. Like I said, Google is already positioned for a better first-gen product thanks to years of work by Samsung and others. That’s the fact.

Naturally, because I’ve written this, the Pixel Fold will end up being the buggiest bust of all phones ever, but should we live in a reality where the universe isn’t out to prove me wrong constantly, the Pixel Fold will be a damn good phone, regardless of costing $1700. That’s not me being a Google fanboy either. That’s me, a consumer just like you at the end of the day, realizing that Google has 13 years of hardware-making experience and most certainly has the resources to pull this one off. I’m an optimist at the end of the day, and frankly, I want to see the haters get mad.

Do I expect this post to sway anyone into spending $1700 on a phone? Nope, your mind is likely already made up, but I do hope it challenges any preconceived ideas about Google and first-gen products. Labeling Pixel Fold as “first-gen” doesn’t feel accurate in this case.

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Opinion: First-Gen or Not, You Should Buy the Pixel Fold

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