The Google Pixel 9 lineup is among the most awaited this year. Google is also expected to reveal the Pixel 9 Pro XL this time, which further boosts anticipation. As we’re heading closer to the launch, we’re learning more and more about the phones.

We now have fresh new details about all three smartphones – Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL – from different sources. The Pixel 9 Pro is getting a big jump in RAM, while the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro XL have appeared on Geekbench, revealing the specs of the Tensor G4.

The Pixel 9 Pro Will Sport Up To 16GB of RAM

A massive Pixel 9 Pro leak emerged a couple of months ago, revealing the phone’s live images. It also suggested that the phone will get a 16GB RAM variant, which will be the first for any Pixel device. Current devices top out at 12GB.

In the latest development, Ice Universe, a trusted tipster from China, stated on X that the Google Pixel 9 Pro will have up to 16GB of RAM, while criticizing Samsung for limiting to 12GB in their flagship models this year. This further signals the inclusion of a 16GB RAM variant on the Pixel 9 Pro.

In addition, the Pixel 9 and the Pixel 9 Pro XL have appeared on the Geekbench database, revealing the benchmark scores and a bit of additional information.

Pixel 9’s Tensor G4 Scores Similar To The Tensor G3

Pixel 9 Pro Could Get A Huge Memory Boost 5
Image: Geekbench

The Pixel 9 gets a single-core score of 1590 and a multi-core score of 3821. The Pixel 8 has also obtained similar scores, or even better in some tests. Does this mean the Tensor G4 is not much ahead of the Tensor G3?

Likely not. The most probable reason the Pixel 9 has scored lower is its lack of optimization, as the phone is currently in the testing phase. Also, it was spotted testing running Android 14, whereas the Pixel 9 series is expected to come pre-installed with Android 15. It could be some early software version, and we can expect better performance on the device when it comes out.

The Pixel 9 Pro XL Gets A Better Score

Pixel 9 Pro Could Get A Huge Memory Boost 6
Image: Geekbench

We’ve also spotted the Pixel 9 Pro XL on Geekbench, which almost confirms the reports of a third Pixel sibling this year. Like the Pixel 9 Pro, the Pixel 9 Pro XL will also have a 16GB variant, as the same has been tested on Geekbench.

The phone gets a 1950 single-core score and a 4655 multi-core score. Compared to the current best Pixel 8 Pro, it has performed slightly better. The same optimization story should also go for the Pixel 9 Pro XL, so the final version of the phone will most likely perform even better.

Furthermore, the Geekbench listing also reveals details about Google’s upcoming chipset.

The Tensor G4 Boasts Faster Cores Than The Tensor G3

Pixel 9 Pro Could Get A Huge Memory Boost 7
Image: Google

Google’s Tensor G3 was perhaps the first smartphone CPU with a nona-core (9-core) design. The Geekbench listing of the upcoming Pixel mobiles indicates that Google is shifting back to an octa-core design with the Tensor G4.

The new chip will have a prime core clocked at 3.10 GHz, three cores at 2.60 GHz, and four cores at 1.95 GHz. For comparison, the Tensor G3 has a prime core clocked at 2.91 GHz, four cores at 2.37 GHz, and four additional cores at 1.70 GHz.

Pixel 9 Pro Could Get A Huge Memory Boost 8
Image: Rozetked

Higher clock speeds should translate to better performance on the Pixel 9 lineup. The 16GB variants should offer an even greater performance increase.

Overall, the Pixel 9 series sounds promising based on what we know so far. It will be exciting to see what Google has in store for the phones this year. We’ll have to wait for more leaks to surface, or until October, which is when the phones are expected to be released.

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