The Pixel Fold 2 and Pixel 9 have shown up in a few renders from a case manufacturer, detailing what both phones will probably look like from a design standpoint. It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first time that these phones have shown up in renders. Both devices have appeared in leaked CAD renders before. The main difference here is that the renders are coming from a case manufacturer so you can see what those cases look like while on each device.

However, they still add to the evidence that these are likely the final designs for Google’s upcoming devices. The renders come from accessory manufacturer Thinborne (spotted by GizChina). Thinborne will be releasing at least one case type for these phones – a ‘Thin case’ using 600D Aramid Fiber with MagSafe compatibility. In addition to the designs popping up again, Thinborne also appears to be suggesting multiple variants of the Pixel 9.

The Pixel 9 case renders point to three different models

It was expected that Google would release a new Pixel 9 standard and a Pixel 9 Pro. It’s been doing this with the last three generations of Pixel phones since the Pixel 6. But new details on Thinborne’s shop page for Google cases suggest Google will also be releasing a “Pixel 9 Pro XL” model.

Google used to use “XL” in the name of its Pixel devices but stopped after the Pixel 4 series. With the Pixel 5, it only released the standard model before launching the Pixel 5a as the more budget-friendly option. Then with the Pixel 6, it swapped the XL label for the Pro label. This sort of made more sense given the additional features and the larger screen. Whereas XL really only suggested the larger screen.

It seems Google may be moving back to including an XL model for its phones. However, it isn’t quite clear if that is accurate. Or what the differences between the Pro and Pro XL might be if Google is indeed releasing both in addition to the standard Pixel 9. It is worth reiterating that the Pixel 9 Pro XL rumor has popped up before as well. So this is just additional evidence that it may be coming.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Thinborne case

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