Update: Google has made a statement, indicating that they have determined the issue and are immediately shipping out a fix that will require zero work from the user. Hopefully this is all resolved shortly. Good work, everyone!

We have received reports of Android devices becoming overheated and seeing accelerated battery drain. We identified the root cause of the issue being a recent Google app backend change that unintentionally resulted in these issues. We have rolled out a fix that should begin to take effect for impacted users immediately. No user action is needed.

Pixel owners across the web are reporting battery drain issues following the May security patch update. Users on both reddit and Google’s own product support forums are detailing cases of overheating devices with severe battery drain.

It’s hard to say exactly which devices are affected, but as of right now, we’re seeing reports of issues with the entire Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 lineups. The culprit is believed to be the actual Google app itself, though, reverting to past versions of the app is not fixing the issue.

On Google’s support forum, the company has yet to comment on the issue, but there is currently no shortage of “product experts” attempting to lend a hand to owners. As of right now, just under 800 people have noted that they are experiencing the same issue, so it’s safe to say this isn’t some random issue for a very limited number of users.

We will keep you posted on this, but in the meantime, anyone here also experiencing any issues following the May security patch update? Let us know!

// reddit | Google Support | Engadget

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Pixel Owners, Are You Noticing Battery Drain Following May Update? (Updated)

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