The first feature drop of 2023 is here for Pixel devices and adds some handy features.

In a blog post, Google announced a number of improvements and new features for its Pixel lineup, the first of which is an upgrade to Night Sight, its low-light photography mode for the Pixel 6 and 7. The company says that it has been able to improve performance on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro due to “new algorithms powered by Google Tensor.”

Last year, we introduced faster Night Sight on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. With the latest Feature Drop, Night Sight can now capture low-light photos faster on your Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, too, thanks to new algorithms powered by Google Tensor. So you can capture special moments even if they aren’t perfectly lit.

The company is also rolling out Magic Eraser to all Pixel phones. The feature, which was originally exclusive to the Pixel 7 lineup, recently also came to the Google Photos app for the iPhone.

Don’t let distractions get in the way of the perfect photo. Magic Eraser is now available on all Pixel phones. Use it in the Google Photos app to easily remove distractions like photobombers or change the color and brightness of an object so it blends right in.

Google is also building Health Connect, its health integration app, deeper into the Pixel. The company says that any data shared using Health Connect is stored on-device and gives users one place to manage their health and fitness data, similar to Apple’s Health app.

Pixel now has Health Connect built-in, giving you a powerful way to store, connect and share the data from your compatible health and fitness apps. Health Connect stores your data on-device and provides you with a central set of controls to manage your health and fitness data. So there’s no need to wonder which apps share your on-device health and fitness data with other apps or run multiple fitness tracking services.

The company has also added a new feature where timers set using a Nest device will be able to be managed on your Pixel phone. This comes as Apple is still struggling to support multiple timers on its devices. Thanks, Siri!

Ever set a timer on one device and wished you could see it on another? Now when you set a timer on your compatible Nest device (sold separately), At a Glance shows the countdown on your Pixel phone, too. You’ll even get a push notification to your phone when the timer goes off, so you can disable it or add another minute with a quick tap.

All of the features on the first 2023 feature drop are rolling out today. The drop comes a few days after rumors continue to swell that the company is nearing a launch of the Pixel Fold, Google’s rumored first folding smartphone. Fall Detection also recently launched for the Pixel Watch.

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Pixel update improves Night Sight and brings Magic Eraser to all phones

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Pixel update improves Night Sight and brings Magic Eraser to all phones

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Pixel update improves Night Sight and brings Magic Eraser to all phonesPixel update improves Night Sight and brings Magic Eraser to all phones

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