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Version 1.4 of the Pixel Watch app is rolling out this evening with minor visual changes to the companion client and the ability to link your Google Account.

After updating, you’ll get a “Sign in to Google and link your watch to access all settings” prompt. The “Time to link your watch” page shows “Unlinked watches,” which appears to be every wearable paired before this app update.

It’s the case even if a Google Account has already been “added to your watch” as part of the PW app > Google > Accounts menu:

Linking won’t affect any Google Account you’ve already signed in to on your watch. To manage or add accounts to your watch, go to Google settings in this app.

Google explains that “Using a Google Account with the app lets you access more settings.” That said, no additional Pixel Watch preferences are available after you link an account today. 

This is presumably because the watch transfer feature, which is tied to Wear OS 4, is not here yet. Strings in version 1.4 note how: 

  • “To transfer your watch to your other phone, log in to a Google Account on your watch. Then, try again.”
  • “To transfer your watch to this phone, use the same Google Account on your watch and phone.”

Meanwhile, Google explains how watch transfer will work:

  1. “On your other phone, go to Google Play and download the Google Pixel Watch app”
  2. “Start transfer on this phone and confirm on your watch”
  3. “On your other phone, open the Google Pixel Watch app and pair your watch”

In terms of UI changes, your account avatar now appears in the top-right corner. Version 1.4 also updates the watch switcher so that it’s no longer a dropdown menu where you’ll also find the “Add a new watch” option. Instead, there’s a new “Your watches” icon in the top-left corner where you’re presented with a list. 

Old vs. new

Lastly, work on syncing DND and Bedtime Mode continues:

Sync Do Not Disturb and bedtime modes across your watch and phone

You no longer have to manage these settings individually on each device

More on Pixel Watch:

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