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Google has confirmed a lot about the Pixel Watch 2 already, but a new report is laying out the watch colors, new band options, and a possible new charging speed boost.

The folks over at Droid-Life report today that Pixel Watch 2 will offer the same three case colors as the original Pixel Watch – Black, Silver, and Gold – and that the Watch 2 will still support both Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and LTE models.

More interesting is a breakdown of Google’s new bands. Apparently, default configurations will be largely the same as the previous generation, but with the addition of a new “Bay” color that’s paired with silver.

  • Silver/White
  • Silver/Bay
  • Gold/Hazel
  • Black/Obsidan

Droid-Life says that “Bay” could be a green or brown, but we will point out that the wonderful blue case that Google made for Pixel Fold was also called “Bay.” The white color mentioned also likely refers to the “Porcelain” color we’ve seen in Google’s teasers.

“Bay” won’t be the only new color, though. As has been spotted a few times now, Google is also bringing a new sporty band that will likely debut with Pixel Watch 2, and this report claims that the band will be available in the “Coral” color we’ve seen in ads and in the hands of some influencers as well as in “Hazel,” “Moondust,” “Obsidian,” and “Porcelain.”

Pixel Watch 2 design
Likely ‘Porcelain’ band color
Pixel Watch 2 reportedly keeps same case colors, adds new bands & ‘fast charging’
‘Coral’ sport band (Image: GINO Red)

Finally, it’s also mentioned that Google is adding a new “Pixel Watch 2 USB-C Fast Charging Cable” for this new generation. The original Pixel Watch also uses USB-C for its charger which tops out at 5W, but this new “Fast Charging Cable” moniker suggests that Pixel Watch 2 might see an elevated rate of recharging. There’s no word on what that might be, though, but we hope that this change also means users can use reverse wireless charging to top off the Watch 2 – there’s no evidence of that yet, though.

Google is set to launch Pixel Watch 2 on October 4 with a new chip, better battery life, and Wear OS 4, alongside the Pixel 8 series.

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Pixel Watch 2 reportedly keeps same case colors, adds new bands & ‘fast charging’

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