Last month, Google dropped its second smartwatch, the Pixel Watch 2, alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Now, it seems like it will spruce it up with some features that were missing at the get-go.

According to Android Police, the Google News Telegram channel curator, Nail Sadykov, stumbled upon a nugget in the latest Pixel Watch app. There’s a flag in there that, when enabled, lets your phone know when your paired watch hits a full 100% charge.

Pixel Watch companion app v2.1.0 prepares a new full battery notification feature.

When your watch reaches 100% charge the companion app will send you a notification that the watch is fully charged.

The feature is currently hidden behind a server-side flag.

— Наиль Садыков (@Nail_Sadykov) November 8, 2023

Right now, the feature isn’t live for users, but the fact that it’s there and seems ready to roll suggests Google might flip the switch soon. The feature should prove quite handy since you are not always in the same room as your watch while charging, right?

Speaking of Pixel Watch and charging, some Pixel Watch 2 users are having issues with it. If you’re one of them, Google’s official support page says to double-check that your charger and watch are aligned correctly. The Pixel Watch 2 has a specific docking vibe, and if they’re not aligned correctly, charging might not happen.

With the Pixel Watch 2‘s look, Google didn’t venture far from the first-gen Pixel Watch‘s style. But hey, that’s cool because the Pixel Watch was, and still is, a good looker with a sleek and simple design.

The only big difference is that while the original was all about stainless steel, the Watch 2 rocks an aluminum case. Aluminum isn’t as strong, but it’s lighter. The Pixel Watch 2 sheds 10% of the weight from its predecessor.

However, looking ahead, a new patent hints at a significant design overhaul for the Pixel Watch 3, potentially introducing a fresh look and feel to the upcoming generation.

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