Prototype unit photos show off Galaxy Z Fold 6’s boxier design

Mere weeks before the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is set to debut in Paris, photos of a “dummy” unit have appeared online. These pictures paint a pretty clear picture of Samsung’s design choices for the Fold 6.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 was a well-designed phone, as you’d expect from Samsung in 2023. However, there are still things about it some would love to change, like the size of the outer display or overall thickness of the phone. Over the years, Samsung has made some welcome adjustments. We’d consider changing the outer display size from the Fold 4 to the Fold 5 a pretty major tweak.

In recent images leaked by @UniverseIce on Twitter/X, a prototype unit of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is shown next to the previous generation. These images showcase some of the changes that fans have been asking for, like a slightly wider screen.

The main difference worth noting is that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 takes on an overall sharper design. The foldable’s rails are squared off where the rear or front panel meets metal. On the corners, the Z Fold 6 retains a tight radius that isn’t so sharp it’ll poke your thigh in a pocket. I think this design suits the Fold series well and makes for a cooler-looking device.

That change has a secondary effect. It hides the hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 much better by design. The Fold 5 next to it in the images shows off a pretty thick and obvious hinge. By comparison, it’s almost easy to overlook the hinge on the new model. Samsung also reduced the amount of material between the hinge and panel to finalize that look. The Z Fold no longer looks like a phone that was cut in half and stacked.

You’ll also notice in the images that the camera bar has changed. This was previously reported when Samsung leaked promo materials, giving a clear view of the rear panel. The prototype unit shows off a much more obvious shift, ridding the phone of the individual lens protrusions and going for a clean, almost Nexus 5 look – only if that phone had three sensors.

Another notable difference is the power button and fingerprint sensor. The material looks much darker, though that could be because of the prototype nature of the device or simply a reflection. However, the button is much bigger and takes up more of the rail space, which likely means a better fingerprint reading.

This comes after the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s full specs were leaked. Putting two and two together, it looks like Samsung may be hinging on selling the Fold 6 based on a physical design change.

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Prototype unit photos show off Galaxy Z Fold 6’s boxier design

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