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Following a year of solely using Qualcomm’s SoCs in its flagship lineup, Samsung will go back to partially using Exynos chipsets alongside Qualcomm models in the Galaxy S24.

The entire Galaxy S23 lineup utilized Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which was top-of-the-line and one of the best options you could go with for a high-end device lineup. This was surprising, given that Samsung, in previous years, has released a couple of model variations with different chipsets. One of which was the Exynos processor, developed by Samsung itself.

According to Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, Samsung will be returning to this trend and offering models of the Galaxy S24 with both an Exynos and Snapdragon processor (via THELEC). The processor used will be determined by region, except in the case of the S24 Ultra, which will use a Qualcomm chip everywhere it is sold.

This announcement followed Qualcomm’s earnings call, where the CEO disclosed that the previous year saw the company gain a high market share in Samsung devices. Going into 2023, the company believes it will retain a majority market share. A majority would indicate the company knows it can’t possibly rule the entire Galaxy S24 market, which lends itself to a competitor – Samsung’s Exynos processor.

Qualcomm has the majority market share… We expect it to take a [majority share]

Cristiano Amon, Ceo Qualcomm

The exact Exynos processor housed in the upcoming Galaxy S24 and S24+ is unknown. The Galaxy S22 Ultra housed the Exynos 2200, though we heavily expect Samsung to debut a new SoC for the S24 series release. As for the Qualcomm chipset, we expect the S24 lineup will be paired with the company’s recently debuted Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which shows an exceptional amount of promise.

The new move indicates Samsung has addressed the overheating concerns that arose with the S22 series in 2022 and models previous to that. Of course, until devices are thrown into the real world with varying use cases, it won’t be concrete that Samsung’s latest Exynos chipset won’t have the same heat issues.

The Galaxy S24 series is set to be announced sometime in mid to late January, which is somewhat early for Samsung’s regular release schedule, though it isn’t unwelcome.

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