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One UI 6 has officially been released to the public, and with it, a new suite of camera features that pad out what Samsung Galaxy phones can accomplish with AI.

With post-processing alone, a lot can be done to a photo once it’s captured with a Galaxy phone’s camera. Of course, what can be accomplished has its limitations. With AI, the limit is pushed further and further, and companies like Samsung are taking advantage of it to bring a whole new layer of photography skills to its phones.

Enhance-X gets the One UI 6 treatment

With One UI 6 rolling out in a few select regions, Samsung is equipping Galaxy devices with quite an arsenal of AI camera features. One big update comes to the Enhance-X app, which was rolled out a few months back with some unique AI features like HDR and upscaling photos that lacked in quality. In One UI 6, Enhance-X gets a few new features that are genuinely impressive.

First, Sky Guide allows users to further astrophotography with AI analysis of their images after they’ve been captured by the Galaxy phone’s camera, showcasing which constellations, stars, and clusters were captured in the image. It looks like this feature will work with previously taken images and can show detailed info for a number of nighttime shots.

Samsung brings new AI camera features to Galaxy devices; improved iPhone-style image clipping, document scan, more

Another cool feature is the new Slow-mo tool. This tool essentially takes standard frame rate videos and turns them into slow-motion videos by generating extra frames between the captured ones. The added frames pad out the time and turn the normal video into a slower, more dramatic one. We haven’t been able to test this feature yet, but it’ll be exciting to see its limits.

Other features like Motion Flow – videos turned long-exposure photos – and Single Take will be available with the Enhance-X app on One UI 6.

AI document scan and improved image clipping

Samsung’s Galaxy phones are also getting a souped-up document scan tool that utilizes camera AI to take better images of printed material. When a document is detected, the Auto Scan edit screen will automatically appear. That screen allows you to rotate and align the document to get the best rendering of your physical piece of paper. This process will also recognize fingers in the frame and remove them in post.

Galaxy phones on One UI 6 will also allow you to save identified objects in photos as stickers, which you can then place in other photos or share them across other apps. This is similar to what the iPhone brought to users in iOS 16 with photo cutouts and was available in the previous version of One UI; it’s just improved and gives users a better experience. The AI in this update is more equipped to select subjects and clip them. The improved feature will allow you to add a new layer of emoji to just about any social app, which is always welcome.

Samsung is also bringing along several non-AI features like a High Resolution Quicks Setting in the camera app and new camera widgets. The new high-res button will allow for quick access to the settings, which saves the trouble of rummaging through the options for different types of shots.

All of these features will become available with One UI 6, which, at this moment, is rolling out to regions outside of the US. Most devices released since 2021 will be eligible for the upgrade when it becomes available.

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