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Samsung has officially unveiled a new camera sensor in its huge lineup of offerings, with the ISOCELL GNK serving as a technical successor to the ISOCELL GN1, and apparently being the camera found in the Google Pixel 8.

Detailed on Samsung’s website, the ISOCELL GNK camera sensor is a new addition to the company’s portfolio. The 50MP sensor has a pixel size of 1.2μm and a physical size of 1/1.3-inch. The sensor supports 24fps capture at 50MP and up to 90fps at 12.5MP, while also supporting up to 8K 30fps video capture and 120fps at 4K. It also supports Staggered HDR, Smart-ISO Pro, and a handful of RAW outputs.

Between its resolution and size, it’s a pretty close comparison to the now-discontinued ISOCELL GN1, which is why it’s being viewed as a successor, and that makes even more sense when you consider where this sensor appears to be used already.

Looking at the specs compared with the available data about the unnamed camera sensor in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the ISOCELL GNK fits the facts perfectly. Very likely, this is the camera sensor Google is using.

Previously, the Pixel 8 series, which Google confirmed to be using a “new camera sensor,” was thought to be using the semi-custom Samsung GNV, which best fit the facts in the days after Google’s launch. But, now, the GNK seems more likely, especially given this is a sensor that Samsung is freely talking about on its website, where the GNV is more rarely talked about.

But, again, Google won’t say anything officially about what this camera is, so we still don’t really know for sure. At this moment, though, GNK seems to be the best explanation of all of the available facts.

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