Samsung Discover, the company’s big-time sales events, kicked off this week. The best deal for Android fans today is up to $980 off the purchase of a Galaxy S23 Ultra. That’s massive savings.

Across the board, Samsung has increased its trade-in values, providing up to $750 of instant credit on select phones. In addition, Samsung is giving free upgrades to the 512GB storage option, $150 off if you buy the phone in Sky Blue, and another $50 off instant credit. With all of that, if you buy a Sky Blue Galaxy S23 Ultra with 512GB and you trade in a device worthy of $750, you’ll get your new phone for just $449. For this phone, that’s really great.

If you opt for a non-Sky Blue option, add $180 to the purchase price, but all other promotions are still active.

Besides the pre-order period, there’s probably no better time to purchase a Galaxy device. If you’ve been on the fence, it’s time to make a move.

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Samsung Discover Deal Includes $449 Galaxy S23 Ultra ($980 Off)

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