Samsung Discover deals are almost here and we’ve been told that it is one of their biggest sale moments of the year. Whether it is or not is up for debate, but what I know is that there are some really good deals to be had, including a kickoff “deal of the day” that will get you a Galaxy S23 Ultra for as low as $449, and you get an extra $50 to spend with it.

For those not familiar, Samsung Discover is a week-long event (May 15 – May 21) of deals on almost everything that Samsung sells. You’ll find deals on mobile, but you can also score on TVs, gas ranges, washers and dryers, soundbars, laptops, monitors, and vacuums. Yeah, Samsung sells vacuums too.

Here are the best Samsung Discover mobile deals for each of the first 3 days:

  • Monday (5/15): Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is $750 off with trade-in, plus bonus $50 credit to spend
  • Tuesday (5/16): Galaxy S22 Ultra is $300 off
  • Wednesday (5/17): Galaxy S23+ is $700 off with trade-in, plus $50 bonus credit to spend

We should know the deals for 5/18 – 5/21 in the next couple of days, but those first 3 cover the Galaxy S23 line nicely. I’d imagine we get some fold deals with $50 bonus credits later on.

As for other deals, there are plenty of weeklong deals running. Here are a few noteworthy items:

  • Save $125 with Galaxy Watch5 Pro + Galaxy Buds 2 Pro bundle
  • Galaxy Buds 2 are $40 off
  • Galaxy Fold 4 up to $800 off with trade-in
  • Galaxy Flip 4 up to $500 off with trade-in
  • Galaxy S23 up to $700 off with trade-in
  • 85” QN90B Neo QLED 4K TV is $1,900 off (!)
  • 55” Odyssey Ark 4K Monitor is $1,000 off (!)
  • Samsung Frame Smart TV is $800 off
  • 512GB EVO Select Micro SD Card is $16 off
  • 256GB PRO PLUS Micro SD Card w/ USB Reader is $13 off

I wish I had space in my house for that $85 Neo QLED, hah.

So if you have been eyeing Samsung products, next week is the week that you’ll see most of them discounted. If any of that interests you, Samsung will let you sign-up for a reminder to make sure you don’t miss anything. There’s a link below for that.

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Samsung Discover is Almost Here to Discount All the Samsung Stuff

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