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Samsung, one of the world’s leading semiconductor foundries, will make AI chips for Rebellions. Rebellions is a South Korean AI semiconductor startup, and its partnership with Samsung Foundry is crucial for the local semiconductor segment as it will boost the country’s importance on the world stage.

Rebellions’ next-gen AI semiconductor chip will be made using Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process

Rebellions’ next-generation AI chip, called Rebel, will be made using Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process. This chip will also feature Samsung’s HBM3E high-bandwidth memory for even faster performance. Samsung Foundry will be engaged in all aspects of the development of the upcoming chip, ranging from logic design to chip layout and chip verification. The development of this chip is anticipated to be completed by the second half of next year.

Most AI semiconductor firms in South Korea are collaborating with overseas firms for various aspects of chip development, but Rebellions and Samsung Foundry decided to collaborate on Rebel to design, develop, and manufacture in South Korea. These companies will make significant contributions to the South Korean semiconductor space. Rebillions’ previous chip, named ATOM, was made using Samsung Foundry’s 5nm process.

Samsung Foundry Vice President Jung Ki-bong said, “Samsung regards the system semiconductor, particularly the AI semiconductor market, as a core future business. Through collaboration with Rebellions, we aim to further develop the domestic system semiconductor ecosystem.

Samsung Foundry Rebellion Partnership AI Chips

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