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There are lots of places to leak upcoming products, but we never thought we’d see upcoming Samsung products leak on the company’s own community forums. But that appears to have just happened to the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro, with a community post seemingly revealing a bunch of the upcoming buds’ key specs and features.

The post features what looks like a piece of marketing material, declaring that the Buds 3 series will be “where audio, meets AI”. Other details mean we could also see brand new internal drivers, enhanced battery life, adaptive EQ and an IP57 water resistance rating.

While we can’t see much from the teaser image, it’s also claimed that the new buds will offer a brand new design. Apparently this may come with stems, better controls and improved microphone quality. All of which are potentially very exciting upgrades, but it’s the AI factor that really piques our interest.

Samsung has already invested big with Galaxy AI, which is also rumored to be launching on the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6 later this year. Galaxy phones also have Google Gemini support, so it’s possible that the Galaxy Buds will integrate with one or more of these existing AI features without forcing you to take out your phone.

The Nothing earbuds already do this with ChatGPT, and it makes sense that rival phone and earbud makers will be doing the same. Earbuds and smartwatches could also potentially be the perfect portable AI companions. They may also be more appealing to the masses than the likes of the Humane AI Pin or Rabbit R1 on account of their existing non-AI features.

We won’t know for sure until Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. There’s a good chance that will happen at Galaxy Unpacked, which is rumored to be happening on July 10. It’s set to be a pretty packed event so far, with rumors claiming we’ll see Samsung newest foldables, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, the Galaxy Ring and maybe even some Galaxy laptops. 

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