Samsung Galaxy Buds review

Recent certification documents have leaked online, showcasing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds FE – presumably the next affordable option in Samsung’s Galaxy Buds lineup.

Samsung understands that pricing everything at the highest value simply doesn’t work for everyone. The majority of the market doesn’t want to pay premium prices for phones and gear that’s constantly coming out. The FE lineup is a fair compromise. It allows Samsung to manufacture devices like the Galaxy S21 FE and S22 FE that focus on the necessary features rather than groundbreaking ones that drive the price up.

The same goes for Galaxy Buds, and it looks like Samsung is gearing up to introduce the Galaxy Buds FE edition. Posted on Twitter, certification information reveals the Buds FE design and limited details about the budget buds. The biggest surprise is that the Buds FE take on the original design of the Galaxy Buds.

If we were to guess, it’s likely that the Galaxy Buds FE take on some of the improvements made by Samsung within the past couple of years and implement them into a tried-and-true design. We don’t know if the buds will come with ANC or pass-through in any capacity, nor do we have any information on driver type and size.

In any case, it can be safely assumed that the FE variant will come in at a more reasonable price. Where the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro sits at $230 and the Buds 2 hits $150, it might be possible to see the Galaxy Buds FE sit somewhere around $100 or less. That’s nothing but speculation, as is the release date of the Buds FE, which might be sometime around February next year.

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