Samsung has officially joined the smart ring scene with the launch of its first-ever Galaxy Ring. The device landed alongside the latest generation of the brand’s popular smartwatch lineup, which features both a base Galaxy Watch 7 model and a Galaxy Watch Ultra build for adventurers. Meanwhile, the petite, finger-based device is meant for more subtle and comfortable 24/7 wear. Find out everything you need to know about the new wearable.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Release date, price, and availability

Samsung Galaxy Ring is here: Price, size, release date, and everything else!

Lanh Nguyen / Android Authority

  • Samsung Galaxy Ring: $399.99 / £399

Samsung launched the Galaxy Ring on July 10, 2024, alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 Ultra. Pre-orders for the devices are now open at and select retailers, and general availability starts on July 24. Notably, AT&T is the exclusive wireless carrier offering the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

The company’s first of its kind, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is priced at $399.99. Unlike leading competitors, it does not require any additional subscription fees to access features. However, it does require an Android phone compatible with the Samsung Health app.

The ring is available in nine sizes ranging from size 5 through size 13. These sizes do not align with traditional ring sizes, so beware. When you purchase the ring through and select retailers, you will receive a sizing kit to determine your best fit.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring

No subscriptions needed • Ultra-slim design (7mm wide) • Water-resistant (IP68) • Titanium Grade 5 construction

Fancy Titanium ring, with fancy sensors

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is a leap into a new device segment for Samsung. Available in nine sizes from 5 to 13, this classically designed piece of jewelry is packed with sensors to track your health and fitness, some basic controls for your smartphone, and can last up to a 7 days on a charge. Designed for 24/7 wear.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Features

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra in Titanium Black Held Between Two Fingers with Case in Background

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Despite its tiny form factor, the Samsung Galaxy Ring packs a robust feature set. Users will find many of the top tools already offered in the company Galaxy Watch lineup, including those covered below.

Health and fitness tracking

Samsung touts the Galaxy Ring as a powerful alternative tracker for those who don’t want to wear a watch full-time. The device packs a handful of health sensors that are best suited for sleep tracking and general health and activity throughout the day, including heart rate, stress, and cycle tracking with overnight temperature monitoring. The ring even offers high and low heart rate alerts in the Samsung Health app as well as the option to check your heart rate live. Ring users cannot, however, access tools like the ECG recordings or BIA sensors found on Galaxy Watches, nor will the ring detect signs of sleep apnea.

On the other hand, Galaxy Ring users will have access to AI-powered tools, including personalized Wellness Tips and Energy Score. This second new feature is similar to Garmin’s Body Battery tool in that it digests various metrics, including sleep, activity, and heart rate, to score users’ energy levels on a scale of 0-100.

On the fitness tracking front, Samsung has confirmed that the ring can track only two workouts: walking and running. Fortunately, auto-detection will work for both of these exercise types at launch, and the ring will also issue inactive alerts via the Samsung Health app. The company says it hopes to expand the device’s workout tracking in the future. Notably, the ring features an IP68 rating and 10ATM water resistance, making it suitable for most workout types and daily use.

Sleep tracking

With its long battery life and compact design, the Galaxy Ring is an ideal sleep companion. Samsung even introduced an improved version of Sleep Score that leverages AI to provide additional overnight insights. The platform assigns users a sleep animal and categorizes recommendations to help individuals improve their quality of rest.

Battery life

Samsung Galaxy Ring in Titanium Black Inside Case with Lid Open

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Without a colorful AMOLED display and other battery-hogging features, the Samsung Galaxy Ring offers ample use time between charges. Samsung claims up to six days of battery life on rings in sizes 5 through 11 and up to seven days of battery in sizes 12 or 13. This is right on par with popular smart ring alternatives.

Additionally, the Galaxy Ring ships with a convenient charging apparatus rather than a traditional charging cradle. The transparent clamshell case packs a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1.5 times the battery life of the ring itself. A user with a fully charged Galaxy Ring and fully charged case could access up to 16 days of usage before needing to plug in.


  • Titanium Black (matte)
  • Titanium Silver (matte)
  • Titanium Gold (glossy)

The Samsung Galaxy Ring features a unique, concave design intended to help users minimize scratches from accidental, abrasive contact. The device measures in at 7mm wide, 2.6mm thick, and 3g or less, depending on your size. As mentioned, you can determine the correct ring size for your finger with Samsung’s Ring Sizing Kit, which is included with purchases from and select retailers, including AT&T and Best Buy.

The ring itself is available in three colors: Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, and  Titanium Gold. The first two colors feature a matte finish, while the Titanium Gold option features a glossy one.

Samsung ecosystem integration

A Samsung Galaxy Watch on a male wrist displays the Samsung logo.

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

The Galaxy Ring also offers a few useful tools for Samsung smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Watch users.

  • While wearing the Galaxy Ring, users can control simple actions on their Galaxy phone by double-pinching their fingers. This includes tasks ranging from dismissing an alarm to snapping a photo.
  • Samsung also supports Find My Ring on Samsung Find. If you are trying to locate your misplaced ring, you can access the last known location and even initiate the lights on the inside of the device. Unfortunately, the ring does not have haptics to offer audio cues.
  • When a user is wearing both a Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Watch at the same time, Samsung Health will use the optimal measurements from each device and disable inactive sensors on the Ring to extend battery life up to 30%.


As mentioned, none of the Samsung Galaxy Ring’s features are locked behind a paywall as of now. Considering the growing trend of subscription fees within the wearables market, this is a great decision from Samsung. Sure, the device is pricey, but at least you’re only required to fork over cash once. Meanwhile, Oura Ring 3 users have to keep handing over money, currently at the rate of $5.99 each month or $69.99 each year.

Samsung Galaxy Ring specs

Below are the official specs for the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Dimensions and weight

7.0 x 2.6mm
2.3 to 3.0g (size dependent)


9 sizes (5-13)




18-23.5mAh (size dependent)
Up to 7 days
40% in 30 minutes



Skin Temperature


BLE 5.4




Any Android phone that can install Samsung Health app


Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, Titanium Gold

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring

A Gold Titanium Samsung Galaxy Ring rests on a white surface.

Lanh Nguyen / Android Authority

Though it faces growing competition, the Oura Ring 3 is currently the most popular smart ring available and the Galaxy Ring’s direct competitor. Find out what differentiates the two devices.

  • Both the Samsung Galaxy Ring and Oura Ring 3 start at $399. However, the Oura Ring requires an ongoing subscription fee.
  • The Galaxy Ring comes in a single concave design available in three colors, while the Oura Ring 3 is available in two models and six different finishes.
  • The Galaxy Ring offers unique integration and compatibility with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line and Galaxy smartphones.
  • The Galaxy Ring ships with a charging case that packs its own rechargeable battery.
  • Though both devices are made from titanium, the Galaxy Ring is 0.9mm narrower and slightly lighter than the Oura Ring, depending on the comparable sizes.
  • The Galaxy Ring is available in sizes 5 through 13. The Oura Ring 3 is available in sizes 6 through 13. Both companies utilize ring sizing kits.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring

No subscriptions needed
Ultra-slim design (7mm wide)
Water-resistant (IP68)
Titanium Grade 5 construction

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