After debuting at MWC 2024, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is set to land this year. But reports of a launch as soon as June may be wide of the mark, if an article in Korean publication The Elec is to be believed.

The piece states that mass production of the wearable is only expected to begin in May, which means that the full unveiling of it won’t occur until July, likely at the same event where the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 make their bow. It’s then stated that the ring itself won’t go on sale until sometime in August.

The report has a few other interesting details to chew over. The first is that Samsung is apparently producing just 400,000 units to begin with, with production set to be adjusted to market demand (or lack of). 

It will be sold in “8 to 9 sizes” (nine were shown off at MWC), and the Ring will focus on “wellness” rather than offering any medical functionality — at least to begin with. An “industry insider” told the site that they expect the company will “continue to pioneer the smart ring market by adding medical device functionality in the long term”. 

We’ve already heard that in its current iteration, it’ll pack an impressive nine-day battery life — a detail that puts most smartwatches to shame (though isn’t surprising given the lack of screen to light up and power).

No pricing details are directly mentioned in the report, though it concludes that “design and price will establish itself in the market”. With Samsung apparently zoning in on wellness rather than wellness, it’s possible the company will be able to price it aggressively in order to get a foothold in said market. 

For comparison, its main rival in the very niche space is Oura, and its third-generation smart ring will set you back $299.99. Other offerings, such as the Ultrahuman Ring AIR and Circular Pro 1 come in at $349 and $410 respectively

There’s also the persistent rumor that Apple might fancy its chances in this space, but so far there’s little evidence that the Apple Ring is anything more than an idea being toyed with.

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