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  • Samsung will reportedly make a design change on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to make its crease much less visible.
  • The approach has already been used by the likes of Motorola and Oppo.
  • The new design will include a display that forms a teardrop when folded and a new hinge mechanism.

Update, January 17, 2023 (11:09 AM ET): At CES 2023, Samsung brought a prototype to the show that revealed the new hinge design. We now have a photo of that prototype thanks to Naver.

galaxy z fold 5 prototype 1

Based on the image, the new hinge allows for the device to be drastically thinner than previous Fold models. The report from Naver also suggests that the weight of the device has been reduced as well.

Original article, January 16, 2023 (1:46 AM ET): Samsung has been working towards getting rid of the crease on its foldable phones for years now. However, the recent Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 both form very noticeable creases in the middle. Well, Samsung might finally implement a solution for the problem via a design change on the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5.

According to a report in the Korean publication Naver (via SamMobile), Samsung will adopt a “waterdrop” style display structure for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 with what the company is internally calling a “dumbbell” hinge.

The advantage of this design change would be that when the screen is folded, there will be no gap between the two halves of the phone. The display will form a teardrop shape when closed, thus making for a much gentler curve. This design will ensure the crease is not very visible on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The report doesn’t say it’ll absolutely disappear, but it won’t be as pronounced as it is on the current Samsung foldable.

Samsung droplet display naver

Water drop type hinge patent disclosed by Samsung Electronics in 2016 via Naver

Other folding phones that have already adopted droplet-style hinges for less visible creases include the Oppo Find N2 and the Motorola Razr 2022. There’s no word in the report, but Samsung should technically be able to use similar display tech in its next flip-style foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip 5. So we could expect the 2023 Samsung foldables to bring much better displays than ever before.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 might finally take care of that crease (Update: Images)

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 might finally take care of that crease (Update: Images)

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 might finally take care of that crease (Update: Images)Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 might finally take care of that crease (Update: Images)

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