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Samsung System LSI has just added another 200MP ISOCELL camera to its portfolio. It’s called the ISOCELL HPX and offers features such as 8K video recording at 30 frames per second and Tetra 2 Pixel binning technology, enabling 12.5MP and 50MP resolution modes for different lighting conditions.

As you may have heard from past rumors, the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra should feature a 200MP primary camera. However, the ISOCELL HPX is probably not it. Samsung announced the HPX exclusively in China, and the sensor appears to have been created for System LSI customers in the Far Eastern country. We may never see it on a Galaxy device destined for the global market (or at all), but for what it’s worth, you can find more specifications below.

Samsung ISOCELL HPX specifications

Assuming that the ISOCELL HPX is reserved for smartphones developed by Chinese brands, it’s probably not a big loss for the rest of the world. By the looks of it, Samsung focused primarily on the pixel count and creating a small sensor at the cost of performance in low-light conditions. The company revealed that the ISOCELL HPX has small 0.56-micron pixels, and one of the main selling points is that the sensor can have a reduced area by 20%.

The sensor can take advantage of the 200MP resolution in well-lit areas. However, it can also use pixel binning technology to convert to 1.12-micron pixels for 50MP shooting modes in poorer lighting conditions. In addition, it can combine even more pixels into one 2.24-micron pixel for a 12.5MP mode in low-light environments, Samsung says.

Other features available for the 200MP ISOCELL HPX include 8K video recording at 30 frames per second, 4K and FHD recording, dual HDR, Smart ISO, and Super QPD autofocus.

Once again, the ISOCELL HPX is seemingly destined for Samsung’s camera customers in China and might not be used by the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Nevertheless, given that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is unofficial and rumored to have a 200MP wide camera, only time will tell which it will be. Previous rumors hinted at the ISOCELL HP2.

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