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Samsung has applied for a couple more trademarks pertaining to flexible display technology, or more specifically, slidable devices. Two new applications by Samsung Display have emerged at KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service), and they secure the “Slidable Flex Solo” and “Slidable Flex Duet” monikers.

Samsung showcased slidable device concepts at Display Week earlier this year, and one prototype was tentatively called “Slidable Wide.” The new Slidable Flex Duet trademark may be associated with this concept, but it’s difficult to predict how Samsung’s foldable display portfolio will change and evolve in the coming years. In practical terms, the Slidable Wide prototype featured a flexible display tucked away inside a device that can slide out from its sides to extend the viewing area.

Samsung has explored several concepts based on its foldable display technology, including dual-folding phone-tabled hybrids known as Flex S and Flex G. These monikers have already been trademarked.

Is Samsung ready to start a new chapter?

As far as the consumer market goes, Samsung has only used its foldable display technology to develop single-folding phones, i.e., the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lineups. However, the company is experimenting with several other form factors and may even release a foldable notebook next year. Given that notebooks are “foldable” by default, this new model is supposed to replace the keyboard with a huge touchscreen that extends across the entire surface of the device.

In the past, the Korean tech giant said it won’t release any new foldable, slidable, or rollable devices until the Z Fold and Z Flip series prove their mettle. But after a few years on the market, they seem to have done just that — at least judging by pre-order numbers and sales figures and barring any durability concerns some users might have.

Market watchers predict that the foldable device market could accommodate a whopping 23 models next year from a variety of brands, which could mean that Samsung might be ready to finally expand its foldable device portfolio. But whether the next step will be a dual-folding device, a notebook based on foldable display technology, or a slidable tablet remains to be seen.

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