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Samsung S95C OLED
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Even though Prime Day deals are supposedly just at Amazon, other retailers and manufacturers are hopping in on the buzz. For instance, Samsung is discounting several sizes of the S90C OLED TV. If you’re looking to upgrade your home theater into a true OLED experience, Prime Day TV deals are the perfect time. Check out some of the sizes and their discounts below.

  • Samsung 55-inch S90C OLED TV — Why you should buy the Samsung S90C OLED TV

    As you’d expect from one of the best TV brands, the Samsung S90C OLED TV is truly packed with features. It doesn’t just settle on being an OLED TV and leaving it at that. Sure, you get beautifully pure blacks and bright whites, along with vibrant colors, but it does so much more. It’s assisted by its Neural Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling so whatever you watch is better than ever. Alongside that is Quantum HDR which uses AI deep learning to analyze each scene, detecting areas that need to be brighter, as well as darker, and ensuring both work just as well in conjunction.

    The TV is also Pantone Validated so you get dramatic hues and vivid color palettes that are accurate and better than elsewhere. For gamers or action movie fans, there’s also Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro with its ability to handle fast-moving action at up to 120Hz refresh rate with Game Motion Plus going up to 144Hz for compatible PC-connected content. It’s those kinds of things that ensure visually, this is one of the best TVs around.

    You also get great sound courtesy of Dolby Atmos support and Object Tracking Sound Lite with the latter making it feel more like you’re in the thick of the action. With a compatible Q-Series or S-Series soundbar, you can also pair up the speakers with the soundbar to operate as one.

    A seriously great TV, the Samsung S90C OLED TV is the one you want in your living room. Usually, it costs from $1,900 for the 55-inch model. Right now, you can buy the 55-inch variety for $1,450, saving $450, or you can opt for the 65-inch model for $2,900 or the 77-inch variety for $3,800. Whatever you go for, you’re going to love how great movies look on this TV.

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    Samsung just knocked $200 off this massive 85-inch 4K TV

    The Samsung 75-inch LED 4K Smart TV on a media cabinet.

    Samsung is well-known for its smartphones and TVs; we’re always amazed at the tech and price tag whenever we see them. For example, this 85-inch UHD CU7000 class is massive, but its regular price is a whopping $1,300, which is often too much to ask of folks. Luckily, Samsung has an excellent deal with a $200 discount, bringing it down to a slightly more palatable $1,100, which is still quite a bit of money until you remember it’s for a massive 85-inch Samsung TV. As such, this is one of our favorite Samsung TV deals this week and well worth a grab if you want a big-screen TV.

    Why you should buy the 85-inch Crystal UHD CU7000
    Under the hood, the UHD CU7000 runs the Crystal Processor 4K, one of their better processors, which gives you a lot of great features, such as 4k upscaling so that you can watch your older content without an issue. Similarly, beyond just getting the typical HDR, you also get HLG, a type of HDR most broadcasters use, especially sports broadcasters. As such, if you’re a sports fan, this is a great TV for both its size and HLG support. You also get PurColor, a technology that covers a wider section of the color gamut, giving you better colors than a traditional TV at a lower or similar price point. Another feature we like is the Q-Symphony, which lets you sync up any other Q-series or S-Series Samsung soundbars you might have to create a really impressive surround sound feeling.

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    This 55-inch 4K TV just had its price slashed to $250 at Best Buy

    The Insignia F50 Series QLED 4K TV with the Amazon Fire TV interface on the screen.

    4k TVs have become very common, although they can still be quite expensive, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. Even so, companies like Insignia offer reasonably great 4k TVs on a budget, and if you’re looking for great TV deals, this Insignia F30 series is a good option. At 55 inches and 4k resolution, you can grab it for just $250 from Walmart, rather than the usual $400. That’s a substantial $150, which you can then use towards one of these great soundbar deals, thereby giving you a great home theater set for an upgrade or to get you started.

    Why you should buy the Insignia 55-inch F30 4K TV
    Aside from being large and having a 4k resolution, the Insignia F30 has a few other great features, like HDR10, an upgrade from the regular HDR you’ll usually see at this price range. Combined with the direct-lit LED system that covers the whole back of the screen, you get amazing brightness and pretty good color reproduction and accuracy for this price point. If you have a good sound system in your home or are planning to buy one, you’ll be happy to note that you get support for both HDMI ARC and HDMI eARC, so you don’t lose a whole port for anything.

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    Walmart is almost giving away this 55-inch 4K TV today

    The onn. 50-inch 4K Roku TV hangs on a wall.

    If you’ve been waiting for the perfect TV deal to show up so you can upgrade your home theater system, here it is. Walmart is selling the Onn. 55-inch 4K for just $248. While Walmart’s website doesn’t reflect a discount, this model usually sells for $298, so you’re getting a $50 discount. A 20% price cut on a TV that’s already dirt cheap makes this one of the best 4K TV deals we’ve seen recently. If a the cheap price makes you worry about its quality, keep reading to learn why you should buy this 55-inch TV deal.

    Why you should buy the Onn. 55-inch 4K TV
    While Onn. certainly doesn’t make any of the best TVs, it still produces reliable TVs. Crucially, highly affordable TVs which mean you can easily add a TV to your kitchen or child’s bedroom without spending much. With the Onn. 55-inch 4K TV, you get all the essentials you could need.

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