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Samsung’s been toying with the idea of manufacturing solid-state batteries for at least a decade now. Progress in this area appears to have been slower than the development of foldable display technologies. But new reports say that Samsung is making advancements in solid-state battery development, and two of its divisions will be responsible for manufacturing this technology for different market segments.

Supposedly, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is gearing up to research and develop oxide-based solid-state batteries for the IT segment, meaning the company may be working on powering future mobile devices with this revolutionary battery technology.

Meanwhile, Samsung SDI will reportedly focus its efforts on developing solid-state batteries with sulfide electrolytes for the EV (electric vehicle) segment. (via The Elec)

Why is this battery technology so important?

Although figuring out how to reliably and efficiently manufacture solid-state batteries seems to be a huge challenge, this technology has numerous advantages. One of the key benefits of solid-state batteries is that they store more energy than conventional lithium-ion units. The other is that solid-state batteries don’t burst into flames if punctured, which makes them much safer than popular solutions.

The latter characteristic makes solid-state batteries especially sought-after by electric vehicle manufacturers because lithium-based batteries that can catch on fire upon impact pose one of the biggest safety concerns for EVs. But even the IT market would benefit from this technological advancement, as it would make smartphones and tablets safer to use and more durable.

Samsung isn’t the only OEM interested in developing solid-state batteries. Earlier this year, Xiaomi also claimed to have developed a working prototype of a smartphone powered by a solid-state battery, but didn’t reveal much aside from a few bits of documentation.

On the other hand, Samsung might have a chance of becoming one of the largest suppliers. Earlier this year, reports from Korea suggested Samsung Electro-Mechanics acquired 14 additional patents on solid-state battery technology and is preparing to reveal a new prototype model.

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Samsung may be taking giant steps toward solid-state battery manufacturing

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