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SmartThings is Samsung’s smart home platform. The company has been hard at work to build out the platform, making it much simpler for users to incorporate connected devices in their homes. It shared some updates regarding the expansion of the SmartThings platform at the Samsung Developers Conference 2023 in San Francisco today.

Samsung revealed that SmartThings now has more than 290 million users across the globe. It’s evidently closing in on the 300 million milestone, a feat that should be achieved in the near future.

300 million milestone not far off for SmartThings

The incredible growth that SmartThings has witnessed has a lot to do with the company’s vision of the connected home. SmartThings is at the heart of Samsung’s vision and it believes in open innovation. This means allowing seamless interoperability for leading standards.

The company had announced that it was adding support for the Matter standard at SDC 2022. It’s position as one of the leading smart home standards meant that not only would SmartThings be compatible with countless smart home devices, it will also make it easier for those users to have SmartThings at the core of their smart home.

This approach is paying dividends for the company. With SmartThings now approaching the 300 million milestone, Samsung is also focusing on improving the SmartThings Home API so that developers can easily create apps for the platform that allow users to maximize the performance of their smart hone.

Artificial intelligence is being incorporated into the platform as well with the SmartThings Context API. It will provide developers with new ways to utilize AI so that the apps they build can offer a more proactive user experience.

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